Friday, July 24, 2009

Florida trails

The beach got boring after two hot and clammy runs so yesterday I tried something different. I noticed many, many dirt roads on the satellite images and asked my dad about these and he said to go run at Moses Creek conservation area, which the county purchased several years ago. This turned out to be exactly what I was looking for; old logging roads through sandy pine/live oak forests with some shade (but still hot and clammy). These logging roads aren't made of fill and gravel (like those in Maine) but are simply packed earth. But because the soil is so sandy, the drainage is awesome and they aren't filled with huge rutted pig wallows like the snowmobile trails. Speaking of pigs, they are supposed to be common in these woods but I didn't see any. I did surprise a little doe as I rounded a corner and chased her down the trail a short way and also had to run under a huge Osprey nest with 4 osprey, one flying around with something in its talons, and also came across a nice gopher tortoise on the trail.


  1. Next time try to catch the deer.

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