Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long and Hard

This will be my peak week prior to Pineland. 61 miles and 3 workouts. All following the 5K on Sunday. Legs were tired through thursday but the recovery run on Friday did it's job. I realized that I don't put in enough race pace training runs before Pineland each spring and its kinda late now but I got one in today.
M 6.4 easy @ twin brook (7:55/mi)
T 8.7 tempo @ twin brook (6:38 6:40 6:30) - tempo felt tough
W 6.2 wu + 3.1 junk pace + 0.3 cd @ back cove 5K. junk pace was too fast (7:02/mi) given sunday's race and tuesdays workout
T 6.8 skillinz hell repeats (2:54 2:53 2:54 2:56 2:54 2:51) lungs good, legs sore about 2/3 up each climb.
F 6.6 recovery @ back cove (7:51) including some kick-butt & high knee drills
S 9.2 ez @ pineland (8:40/mi) including 8 strides
S 14.2 @ pineland - 9 ez (8:13/mi) + 5 @ RP (7:03/mi)

Distance: 61.5 mi
Time: 8:11:25


  1. I love how your Pineland run was ez and yet a quick pace on my end. You are going to kill it in two weeks man!

  2. Solid week and looking great for Pineland. The title of your post implied something much different, but that's neither here nor there.

  3. what? 61 miles including 3 workouts isn't long and hard?

  4. You always amaze me, Jeff, with your workouts. Awesome. I wish my "ez" pace was 8:13 Ha! I'll be lucky if my race pace at Pineland is 8:13 :-)

  5. Whoa, Jeff! I wanna see what mileage you do when you step up to the 50K. You're gonna kill it!

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  7. I'd love to step up the mileage and kill a 5K - that's my plan!