Saturday, May 21, 2011

Haze in the barn

Well it doesn't look good for Sunday's epic 25K battle amongst the cattle. I've managed to get achilles tendinosis and the progression has been rapid: wonky on wednesday, sore thursday, and painful friday. I will start x-training Monday, including pool runs, rowing, and roller skiing. I will probably try to do a little run late in the week for a last-minute test but I'll likely be conservative regardless and not race.

M Rest
T tempo @ Twin Brook (6:49 6:46 6:36), 9 mi total
W 8.3 ez @ Back Cove
T 8XSkillins hell repeats, w/ mountain goat Jeremy. 8.2 mi total
F 6.1 ez @ Yarmouth roads

Total distance: 31.6 miles


  1. Might want to consider dusting off the mountain bike as another option. Heal up quick!

  2. What the heck? First Gate City Goons can't seem to get a team together and now TMR is limping into the race. I guess acidotic will have to be content with beating ourselves into the ground.
    Rest up for the next one, most of us will be slower then anyways!

  3. That stinks. Hope you mend quickly!

  4. Rest up, Jeff, and hope things heal up quickly!

  5. Heal up Prof. Let's hit the road bikes sometime soon!