Thursday, May 26, 2011

Achilles rapture

I've solved the mystery of my achilles pain last Friday. It raptured. No, not the whole tendon! Just it's soul. Clearly, the wonkiness that I felt Wednesday was my achilles' soul preparing to rapture its bonds from its corporeal host. The slight soreness on Thursday was the beginning of the rapture. And the pain during and after the run Friday late into the evening was the climax resulting in complete freedom and presumably its ascension into outer space on Saturday May 21. I say, good riddance, cuz now I'm running pain free and have been all week.

Some other bodies raptured too.


  1. Hellz yeah man, time to kill it!

  2. I wish mine would rapture, Instead I ran in pain all last week, of course that didn't stop me from racing Saturday and Sunday....stupid me