Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Ran MD5K this morning and pulled off a PR by 8s (17:50). My last road 5K was the same race last year (17:58). I think I ran the race a little smarter than last year, which may account for the 8 extra seconds, but I'm hoping that it's actually better fitness. I guess time will tell. Most of the Dirigo guys were out for a training run and spectating and/or aged-up to M50-54 so I had what I think is my first ever age-group win in a road race. The first mile, which has a long downhill from the start, was right on target (5:45) but required a little squeezing through groups of young kids that went out too fast. Scott Hornney and I traded pulling on mile two (5:51), which was mostly a gradual climb and I guess about on target. Around Mile 2 I pulled a little ahead of Scott and Lonnie Renny pulled ahead of me. Mile 3 (5:42) is mostly gradual descent and I thought I could do this about 5-6s faster but I did manage to hang on to Lonnie pretty well. Sadly, I think the 5K is my best distance and I might actually race a couple more of these this season. I might even train for it by throwing in some faster speedwork. My groin hurts just writing that.

Time 17:50
Overall: 19/2459
Division: 1/76

But the really big news is...I did my first ever training run on a track this wednesday. I geared up to go to Back Cove for a cut-down but it was raining and I didn't feel like driving there so I went to the Falmouth Track instead! I don't think I'll make a habit of it. The Lacrosse team was practicing during my workout and I had lots of balls whizz past me everytime I ran one end of the track. I felt like I was in an arcade game.

Training week:
M Rest
T TMR TNR @TB 8.8 mi easy + 2X1/3 mi "sprints" (7:51)
W cut-down 3K + 1.5K + .75K + 0.375K @ 6:10 5:57 5:43 5:11, total 6.1 mi
T 8.1 mi road easy (@7:27)
F Rest
S 8.3 mi very easy Pineland (@8:51)
S AM: MD5K (17:50 5:45+5:51+5:42) + 1.7 mi wu
    PM: 8 mi road recovery (@7:50)

Total Distance: 44.2 mi
Total Time: 5:39:53


  1. Nice work. That's some decent speed for a guy who doesn't do speedwork.

  2. Fast! It's something to age group at that big of a race.

    However, my favorite part of your post was the mental picture of you as part of an arcade game!

  3. Scott, Lonnie, Renny, Jeff. Looks like I'm going to have to change my name to Minddy to get any faster.
    Psyched to see how fast you're going to blow up a 5k this summer!

  4. Impressive man. Captain speedy! Congrats on your win, that is a fast, fast time!