Saturday, November 21, 2009


This morning I roller-skied the 10th mountain division trail with James and Jesse (who have switched coaching positions for FHS Nordic). It's been two weeks since wrecking my elbow so I continued to no pole. About 2 miles in, I was working hard to catch up with Jesse James and trying to emulate Jesse's strong lateral push and I lost balance. Worse then falling, a rivet that attaches the plastic gizmo that stiffens the boot at the ankle gave out. I had been really ratcheting down this gizmo because my boots are a wee big and stiff ankles are key for roller skiing. Obviously too much stress on the rivet and it popped. I turned around and skied back, slowly, but at a higher stride rate because I couldn't do long balances on the ski with the broken boot. Now I can really appreciate what a stiff boot does. I skied a bit past the trailhead and got about 5 miles in. Remarkably, I did not Garmin this ski as I forgot to bring my watch. I didn't even think about it until I got to the trailhead. I have been on vacation too long!

How long? It's been 4 weeks since I've run. Well except for the 8 miler along the river 3 weeks ago. It had been 10 days since roller skiing. Didn't matter - the rolling today aggravated my butt. I'm sure it will recover quickly enough but it's another reminder of how long these soft tissue injuries take to heal.

The 10th division trail is really quite nice. The ultimate goal is to get to Fryeburg. And part of it has now become part of the Sebago to Sea trail. It was a spectacular morning (50+ degrees) and I passed 1 women walking a dog, 1 runner, and 1 biker. Wow where was everyone?


  1. Can you see the trail from Rt. 202? I think I recall seeing the trailhead today and last week driving by it on the way to Pineland. Bummer about rivet, but hopefully the snow will be here soon!

  2. Jeff - we were all at Pineland! Heheh.

  3. Rt 202 cross the trail just before crossing the river. I rolled down to just north of that crossing. Not sure where the southernmost trailhead is (to a paved path, at least).

    Dig it in and twist it Blaine. In the word of a great actor, "I'll be back"!