Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blackstrap Hell - Race Home Page

What is it? Blackstrap Hell is a reverse pursuit race. Racers are seeded by predicted time (based on results at Bradbury races, previous hells, Pineland races, and road races if trail race times aren't available). Runners start in reverse order, slowest first, with the goal that all runners will finish at the same time! To win, you've got to have a good race, relative to your expected race.

Why? Because it's there

When is it? Sunday, November 29 at 10AM, snow or shine.

Where is it? Blackstrap Community Forest, Hurricane Road trailhead

How do I find the start after I park? By following this map

What does it cost? A little skin, a little ego, and lots of ATP

What if I feel guilty not paying? Then protect and build more trail by joining your local land trust

Is there a course description? Read about it, or watch it here, or here.

What are the award categories? 1) first across the finish line, 2) fastest man, 3) fastest woman, 4) closest guess

Are there aid stations? There are no aid stations in Hell.

Are there t-shirts? No, this is a free race.

What charity do the proceeds go to? None, see above.

How to do it
? RSVP at the Facebook event page or send an e-mail to walker at maine dot edu

Are there results from previous years? Of course

If I don't read your blog, then how do I keep up with local trail running? Follow the Trail Monster Running blog or facebook.

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