Monday, November 30, 2009

Blackstrap Hell - The Way Running Should Be

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Reports: Ryan, Jamie, Ian, Danielle

About the race
Winner: Shaun Durfee (prize)
Fastest Male: Peter Keeney (prize)
Fastest Female: Shauna Baxter (prize)
Best Guess: Ryan Triffit (6 sec difference) (prize)
Most Injured: Susannah Beck (prize to be given next week)
Most Lost: Katy Hazzard (took home the most injured prize)
Most Found: Bob Poirier (no sight of him at start, but he finished!)

Results also at Cool Running.

Finish Order - This is the order of finish. The higher up you are, the better you ran relative to how you ran at Bradbury (or some other race). "Start" is the number of minutes after the first runner that you started. "Finish" is your finish time; the clock started with the first runner. "Net" is your actual race time. "Diff" is the difference between your predicted time and your actual time. Negative is good! Click Image to enlarge.
By time. Results in order of Net time.