Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skiing (sort of)

After years of unsatiated desire, I've finally purchased a pair of roller skis - used V2 aero 125s from Peak Performance Multisport (may they RIP) rental fleet. I love them. The V2 aero skis have pneumatic tires, which makes the ride much smoother, especially on the cracked, bumpy roads that we have here in coastal Maine. Indeed, these skis are supposedly usable on packed dirt trails/roads.

I bought them Friday morning, just after PPM opened, but then had meetings all day so didn't try them. On Saturday, I took them out for a test run along Brook/Hillside roads from my house. My skis have no speed reducers, little devices that are used to maintain a safe (slow!) speed down hilll (speed reducers are on the skis in the image above), and no brakes (used to stop) so I was a bit nervous about any terrain other than the smallest hills. Brook and Hillside roads were perfect. But not my skiing! Actually, the skis felt quite stable but I'd occasionally overshift my weight and do a Bode Miller before regaining my balance. I fell twice.

Poling was very weird. It was ok during V2 alternate but in V2, my poles bounced along the ground (instead of digging in) which would send a wave a vibration up my limbs. I completely wrecked my right elbow, and now have a painful case of roller ski elbow, which feels alot like tennis elbow. Total time and distance - 6.3 miles, 52:40.

Today I skied Woodville road, and Woods road, and The Woodlands. It was wonderful. I carried my poles but did no poling because my elbow is still wrecked. I was way overdressed in my patagonia loosies and Sporthill top. It was 60F; I should have had shorts and SS tee. I fell once and did fewer Bodies than on Saturday. Definitely an exhausting workout - an hour of no pole skiing with (relatively) heavy roller skis. Total time and distance: 8.06 miles, 1:02:19.


  1. You are a sick, sick man. Let's get together and compare roller skiing scars sometime.

  2. No, the guy rolling on Rt26/100 after dark during rush hour was a sick, sick man