Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's up with goretex running shoes?

Inov-8 has just announced new fall 09 running shoes, including a lighter f-lite, which I'd like for roads. But what's up with the 275 GTX and 345 GTX? Why goretex in a running shoe? Goretex isn't going to stop water from entering from above - either from rain or any respectable sized puddle. But inov-8 also has goretex gaiters. Does this combination work in deep puddles or streams? The major problem that I see is getting the sock wet in winter from a deep puddle or stream crossing and then the goretex not allowing the sock to dry quickly (remember its made to keep water from crossing it). Ouch. Are there reviews of the gtx system that are especially relevant to cold and real water, from a real user?


  1. Jeff,

    I wear my Northface gortex with snow screws in the winter running packed trails (with gaters of course) I rarely hit water on the power lines and because the trails are semi packed from snowmobiles, the gortex does a good job keeping moisture out.

    I use the same shoes when I snowshoe and again they work great. If I plan on hitting puddles and such say in late winter/early spring, I wear other shoes that will allow water to drain out.

    Other purposes might be dew covered fields and trails where there are no deep puddles or light rain on the roads and trails.

  2. That makes sense Kevin. I also found this...

  3. I ran 31 miles at Bradbury this past spring (March 28th), through snow and all kinds of spring wetness, and had wet feet for almost 7 hours. No Problems. Dry feet are overrated. Just another unnecessary gimick.

  4. There went your free pair of gtx shoes from inov-8...