Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Portland Trails Trail to Ale

This is a week of missed group runs. Last night at Twin Brook. Tonight at the Back Cove 5K. Saturday marking the Bruiser course. And Sunday at the Bruiser race. Tonight I did run Back Cove, but a 10K not 5K. I helped Mark Goettel, the race director of the Portland Trails Trail to Ale 10K locate the mile marks. The race in the past has started at East End Beach and finished near the end of Thames St but this year that will be reversed. We managed to enter the Back Cove 5K course at Tukey's Bridge just before the first 5Kers whizzed past us. Mark could have schooled them, but he had work to do.

I've not been whining enough about my injuries so I'll make up for that now. I currently have, count 'em, FOUR injuries! I have my L. piriformis, which has been nagging me since the week before Pineland. I've had very, very mild plantar fascitis for maybe a month, but it's gotten noticeably worse the past few days. Not even close enough to even think about slowing down my running, just worse. Then Monday I awoke with a really sore R. hamstring, from my ass to back of knee. Jim thought this might have been from doing my 8X400 on the roads. Then last night after my 3X1600, my left calf was a little sore. I'm making up for last season when I didn't have the slightest pain. I really hope the snow comes early and deep.

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  1. Missed you at the 5k last night (I was not one of the first 5kers whizzing by). Sounds like you need a good massage to loosen things up. I have the feeling some soreness will not slow you down, though - all the speedwork you've been doing will be killer for the ski season ahead!