Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Running Goals

Whenever someone asks me "what are you training for",  my usual response is "the Craig Cup 5K". This is another way of saying, I am training "to get faster". That is my goal. And the Craig Cup is a race that I do every year so, as a consequence, I can monitor my speed increase. I also do this with a yearly road 5K and 10K. I don't really even have an ultimate time goal. Because when (if?) I reached it, what would I then do? Maybe my goal is to break 18:00 in a road 5K. But then I'd just move the bar to 17:30. Or to 18:30 for the Craig Cup. So my goal remains to get faster. That is, to keep training for the Craig Cup. At some point age will catch up with me and I'll start getting slower. That's when I'll re-assess some new goals.


  1. I don't have the guts to do a graph like this...I would be so discouraged as to how slow I have become...and even when I was faster, I was never as fast as your slow (well except for my 5k pr at don cardillo of 20:16 which was only slightly faster than your slowest) I find the only way to make my graph look good is to run longer and turn it side ways!!

  2. Oh--No, here I am embelishing again! My PR was 20:18 not 20:16
    One thing I miss is the Craig cup being a series...

  3. I liked the series too and I've thought about starting a new Fall XC series similar to the Back Cove 5K format. But the work involved has kept me from actually doing it! Maybe next year (which is what I've said the last two years).