Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trail Monster Tuesdays at Twin Brook (pics)

Trail Monster Tuesdays @ Twin Brook have been rocking the last couple of weeks. It has been especially nice to have more lady runners man up. It's also good to see the various pace groups. The racing side is, of course, in excellent shape, even with the deluge we had this past weekend. This is partly due to the huge work over the past few years to elevate the trails and increase drainage but also due to some new fill that was brought in sometime in the last week (can't have racers running through mud!). Regardless, the Craig Cup course is running fast. But the back (dog) side still has mud.

The creek is down so even I can jump it. Nevertheless, I caught Mary, Kelsy, and Dora feeling the waters before jumping.

Speaking of the muddy backside, check out Ian's racing stripeHeading over to the race side
Trail Monster
Peter taking it easy after his monster Bradbury Breaker race

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  1. Looks fun! I'll be back in a few weeks hopefully.