Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grafton Notch Loop - west side, part deux

Here is the google terrain map and profile for the west side of the Grafton Notch Loop. I unknowingly stopped my watch sometime during mile 2 and discovered this after about 1/2 mile (this occurs frequently when I scratch my back). I think RunningAhead corrected for this as the mileage is about .4 miles different from my watch's total distance). This mileage includes the 0.6 miles from the Puzzle Mtn. parking lot to the trail head (as does the official AMC distance). The RunningAhead corrected elevation is 5708 ft gained and 4937 ft lost over the 15.75 miles. This is 25% more elevation gain than the Camden Hills loop which was 4490 ft gained over 15.0 miles. Note the official AMC distance of the West loop is 17.5 miles. How do they compute their estimates?

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