Thursday, August 6, 2009

Orange spotted green leech

While waiting for gIANt, Gnarls, Mindy, and Valerie to return to station #3, I snapped a few photos of this little beauty who was merrily swimming around the edge of the pond. Leech swimming is very, very cool both to watch and study. Did everyone check for leeches at the end of the B2B?


  1. Leeches, and deer flies, and shots.
    Oh my!

    I'm only familiar with the plain ol' black leeches - how cool!

  2. Keep that thing away from my coffee brandy!!!

  3. thanks for putting on such a fun event and allowing us to party at your house. I thought you were only kidding about the leeches,I might just have to go back there and check them out, very cool.

  4. Gnarls - my goal is to incorporate the leeches into next year's B2B. Maybe you have to stick one on your body for each hint?