Saturday, August 22, 2009

National Trail Running Day

Trail Monsters Ian, Emma, Peter, Mary, & I celebrated NTRD with an easy pace cruise through Camden Hills State Park. The forecast was for showers turning to thunderstorms but we had lots of sun instead. And humidity. We started at the base of Maiden's Cliff, then climbed to the Megunticook ridge, then down Zeke's/Sky Blue trail (Sweeeeet). Our pace had been leisurely to this point but the humidity was 200% and our water supply was low. So we decided to bag the Megunitcook ridge loop and do Bald Mtn. instead. Fast. What a great trail to run up as it is steep but not too, if you know what I mean. And the top has the money view of Penobscot Bay. All of it. Thick air prevented us from getting a clear view of Acadia though. When we arrived on the Bald Mtn. summit, there was no breeze in sight but the breeze picked up a little while we were there. We needed it. After a lengthy rest, we headed back down and took the Cameron Mtn. trail. This trail probably started out as a logging road but was essentially a straight stream the last two times I've run it. Well, the park staff has gotten in there and returned it to road. I have mixed feelings about that. It's very easy to run on but I miss the trail. Still, it will make a killer ski loop this winter (from Youngstown Rd. trail head, up multiuse trail, fork right on Cameron Mtn trail, down sky blue trail back to multiuse trail). We ran to the top of Cameron Mtn. and then spent some time gorging on blueberries and the occasional blackberry. Having little water left or energy to get back up and over Megunticook, we decided to take the long but flat route - which is out to Youngstown Rd, then to Rt. 52 along Megunticook lake. Following the run we had a nice swim in the lake before heading into town for Colorado BBQ Bacon Burgers from the Waterfront. I didn't take my camera so I'll rely on Ian and Peter to post pictures.

Equipment. This was my longest run in my NB790 and they held up great despite the lack of inov8 sticky rubber for all of the exposed rock. I love running in these.

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