Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soul Food

Mixing up running sites is good for the soul. In addition to the usual Back Cove (but no Twin Brook), this week I ran:
Falmouth Community Park - Easy recovery run. I don't like running these trails often because the field trails are very cambered but it is always fun to run. This week I did hill bounding on all the short steep hills - not repeats as is usually done; just each time I came to a climb I bounded it.

The Sisters. I decided to postpone my leaving on my fishing trip to early Friday morning (left at 4:30AM) so I got to run the sisters with Ian Thursday evening. Another fun run.

Logging roads south of the Rapid River. Got a good set of tempo intervals on the back half of the out and back.

Libby Hill. I decided to run the single track (red track above that is not superimposed with green track) and it is sweet! You could have a really fun race here that combines the wide ski trails and narrow single track.

Exeter Trail Race - gnarly network of trails. Roots and rocks aplenty. Moderate twistyness. I'll write up a full race report later. As with Bradbury, the Garmin watch hugely underestimates True Mileage.

I also ran my last treadhill climb until next spring!

Total Miles 47.7 (time for a small Mt. W taper)
Total Time 7:01

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