Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The graph above shows how I've increased my running mileage from my November low (zero miles!). Some notes:

1. I took the last week of October and all of November off of running or training of any sort (with a tiny bit of roller skiing) to try to get rid of my gluteal pain that I had run with since May. Didn't work. Should have just kept running.

2. Because of the craptastic snow, I actually ran more over the winter than I have in previous winters. Not much but there were a few January and even February miles.

3. I'm running more miles now than I've ever run and I feel pretty damn good. A little tired maybe. I'd like to get up to 60-65 MPW but I'm not sure how to add miles without doing doubles and doing doubles feels like training. I hate training. I just like to run.

4. The graph below shows my ski mileage this winter. Its depressing to see that I'm running more miles than I skied this winter. I skied every day this winter but most of the snow time was spent coaching and not skiing. I really didn't get good mileage in until March (after the HS nordic season) and all of that was weekend mileage because of the lack of snow below 1500 ft elevation. But I absolutely loved March and the long weekend skis in gorgeous weather.


  1. It's funny, Jeff; one person's training is another's fun running. Two-a-days are more like, "I get to run again!" to me, but some of your hill repeats and such seem like training to me. Maybe the second run could be an easy one with one of your kids or dogs.

    Oh, yeah, and love the graphs!

  2. Good point Val! I love hill repeats!

  3. It all feels like training to me lately, I think I have to rethink things a bit.
    Jeff your graph is amazing, how do you keep all the colors strait? Mine only hase 6 or 8 catagories and I had trouble finding enough different colors so I would recognize the individual workouts. You have over 20 choices and colors.

  4. Yah I cannot tell what is what! The truth is, even though I have all those categories I don't look at the data that way. I basically look at miles, total time, and the number of hard runs I've done during the week. All those colors just make the graph look cool! I guess I did add up my treadmill miles.