Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Running Reading

Some good running-reading from around the web:

SI article on Chris Solinsky. Good read. Much of the article focuses on Solinsky's body type and durability. Jamie and I once had a conversation on body type and injury. I looked into the literature after this and read that weight or BMI is not a good predictor of injury rate.

A pair of blog articles on strength training for runners. #1 is here. #2 is here. Note that I said in my post which was a response to Ryan's epiphany that I don't strength train using weights (the only strength training I do is running hills, which I do very regularly). These articles and others have convinced me that I will should add some gym time (I really hate gyms).

And the five types of hill training that Blaine linked to. Personally, I'd ignore the physiological explanation part.


  1. Skip the gym and start with something pushups. Spend a few months building strength that way from home and you'll see some nice benefits w/o having to waste time at the gym.

    Once you have a better baseline you can add in other activities, and if that requires a gym at that point then so be it, or you could stick to body weight exercises at home or just pick up heavy shit and carry it around the yard.

    Although I'll admit I do a lot less sandbag training now that I don't have a pickup truck anymore.

  2. Blaine - I'm not at all convinced that pushups or any upper body training benefits running. The only strength training that I'd be interested in is lower limb using something like squats. That said, upper body training is super important for xc skiing! Those guys are jacked.