Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day made for Trail Monsters

What's not to love? a 2000+ foot climb, steady rain, cool temps, a ridge full of open ledge, good company, no crowds, BBQ bob's, a deadly snowshoe hare with nasty, big pointy teeth...the list is endless. Thanks Blaine and Dave for joining me! We need more of these road trips this summer.

Training week - This may be my biggest mileage week evah. Not sure.
Monday 3.1 mile recovery run
Tuesday 6.1 mile recovery run @ twin brook
Wednesday 7.7 mile tempo @ Back Cove 5K
Thursday 7.9 mile easy run @ Back Cove
Friday 3.83 Treadhill climb 2 x 10 min + 2 x 5 min @ 11.5% grade @ sub-race pace
Saturday 13.8 mile easy run at Bradbury
Sunday 12.1 mile mountain run at Sunday River, largely easy pace (climbing is really not easy)

Total - 54.6 miles
Total Time - 9H:16M
Average Pace 10:12/Mi (how's that for an average pace?)


  1. "it's just a harmless, little bunny..."

    Sounds like a great day!

  2. But look at the bones!!!!


  3. I'm thinking I should have run Sunday river with you....would have been better training for Mt Washington I bet.