Monday, May 24, 2010


Out and back, East Boothbay to Ocean Point; a real roller coaster

Mon - planned rest
Tues - 5.9 mile fartlek at Twin Brook
Wed - 4X1 mile hard tempo intervals at Back Cove, couldn't maintain goal pace
Thur - 3 mile easy tempo on treadmill @ 11.5% grade. Felt good
Fri - easy 7.5 at Back Cove
Sat - easy 8.5 at Pineland - last run there before the race
Sun - 8.5 mi tempo on roller coaster road to Ocean Point, S. of East Boothbay (see pic)

1) schooled by James doing 200-800m "sprints" at TNR
2) aggravated left butt/hamstring. See #1
3) again did intense threepeat Tu-Wed-Thur. I've got to plan better

Total Miles: 40
This was my taper week. I dislike tapering. I'd rather just run baby.

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  1. I love that your taper week is my extra long week and you're running the 25k and I'm running the 50k! Oh man... Now I'm extra nervous :-) Hope you had fun out in Boothbay! Liked the FB photos!