Sunday, May 16, 2010

Local Peak

This was my peak week before Pineland. It was also not a well-planned week, as I did hard runs 3 days in a row, and 5 out of 7 days (including the race on Sunday, which I consider last week)

Monday - unplanned rest day. My legs were tired.
Tuesday - 8.3 miles at Twin Brook. Mostly easy, last 2 miles at fast tempo pace
Wednesday - 7.2 miles at Back Cove including Back Cove 5K at a fast tempo pace
Thursday - AM: 2.5 X 1 mile repeats on Treadmill @ 11.5% grade; PM: 6.3 mile hilly road
hilly road. Easy pace.
Friday - 5.7 mile hilly road instead of planned rest day (see Monday). Easy pace.
Saturday - 12.7 miles at Pineland, middle 6 at a little less than 25K race pace
Sunday - 8.1 miles, Piscataqua trail, more-or-less. Easy pace.
Total: 52 miles.

Saturday's pace was tough given that it was the end of a hard week at the end of a hard month (42, 48, 49, 52) miles. Today's run felt great. Time to drop the volume but maintain intensity!

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  1. Nice! Rick always likes an analogy for this part of the training..."the hays in the barn; now you just have to stack it."