Thursday, May 6, 2010

How a mountain runner trains

A "typical" training week for Jonathan Wyatt (from flotrack). Where can I find a 12-15% hill close to home?

(From flotrack)

Sunday: RACE (usually in the mornings).

Monday: Travel Day, easy run 1hr.

Tuesday: am. Workout: 8x3min on 12-15% hill (unless the race was a long one in which case I make adjustments with Tuesday an easy run of 1hr30).

pm. Gym.

Wednesday: am. Easy 1hr45-2hr30.

Thursday: am. Steady long up hill run to finish on a pass 2hr OR 1hr30 flat run which includes 20-30min steady state.

pm. Easy road bike 2hr.

Friday: am. Easy undulating 1hr 30.

pm. Walk / jog with the dog / whatever I feel like doing.

Saturday: am. Travel Day, easy 1hr + 8x relaxed leg speed strideouts.

(from Trail Runner)

A Week in the Life of Jonathan Wyatt

Sunday: Race - Training Effect 5 (TE 5)
Monday: Easy run, 70 minutes (plus travel from race) – TE 1-2
Tuesday: Medium/easy with small hill, 90 minutes – TE 2-3
Wednesday: Hill workout, 5 or 6 reps x 3 minutes with 2-minute recovery – TE 3
Thursday: Long climb, 105 minutes including 45-minute steady climb – TE 3-4
Friday: Easy run, 60 minutes – TE 1-2
Saturday: Very easy run, 50 minutes plus 4 x very easy stride outs – TE 1-2
Sunday: Race – TE 5


  1. That's not much different than what I do....well except for all the runs over an hour during the week, the 8 repeats on a steep hill (though I did do 5 last week),the weekly race, the double day workouts and the no rest days.......

  2. You forgot running up Mt. Washington at 7:30 pace!

  3. So, that's all I need to do to run 56:41! No problem.