Sunday, May 9, 2010

How a wannabe mountain runner trains

Monday - 4 X .8 mile hell repeats, 7mi total
Tuesday - AM: HR max run (2.5 mile), PM: TMR TNR @TB, 5 Mi
Wednesday - 7.2 mi Back Cove, high HR, slow pace
Thursday - 4.3 mi Back cove + 2.75 treadmill @ 11.5% grade, race pace (10:46/mi)
Friday - cross training - 9 holes of golf at Riverside
Saturday - 8.2 miles at Pineland, easy, + 0.8 mi barefoot strides
Sunday - AM- Mother's Day 5K Time trial, 17:58, PM - 6 mile very easy recovery run

Total 48.5Miles, 6H:48M

Short "long" run Saturday to "taper" for 5K. Not ideal 3 weeks before Pineland but 5K now updates my training paces to match fitness level. 5K felt awesome. I coasted in over the last 50 meters which cost me three places and nearly the sub 18.

5K splits: 5:53, 5:52, 5:31. 3rd mile long gentle downhill but against stiff wind (2oMPH).
Place: 20/803 Men (21/2501 total)
Age Place: 6/95


  1. Golf is cross training??? I should schedule more of it this year then. Gee Jeff....17:58 without speed training......awesome!!!

  2. Golf could be x-training if it were played like I would like....time counts.

  3. Nice work at the 5k!

    And Valerie, my golfing buddies in college used to do speed golf. No time limit on the hole itself when lining up your shot, but you got added strokes when running from hole to hole if you were too slow. I forget the rules they came up with since I only went once (I've never taken the time to learn to not be horrible at golf.)

  4. I actually thought about speed golf but then since it was supposed to be my rest day, regular ole leisure golf seemed better. And, my left hamstring is now paying the price of no speedwork. Muscles that do no speedwork = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.