Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ready for Rest, Ready to Race

I have tended to focus more on trail reports, the occasional race report, and weird training minutiae over the last couple of months rather than day-to-day training summaries. But I am happy to report that I've done my last (ok maybe 2nd to last) threshold run of the season. Fast running over the last two months, especially at Twin Brook, has taken its toll on my ass and it needs a break. In fact, the soreness has spread down into my hamstring. So, I need some rest, which may be actual days off, or maybe just easy five mile runs to stay mentally sane.

But first, I've got to run a 10K and I think I'm going to dip my toes into the Great Pumpkin in Saco this Sunday. Given this is the morning after a big Fall party :) maybe this isn't the best choice. But my the only other 10K is the Great Osprey in Freeport 2 weeks later. I just don't want to keep running fast for another 2 weeks.

Plus the pumpkin course is supposed to be faster than the Osprey course and I'm trying to log a solid 10K time. What time? Well McMillan claims my time should be 38:11 (6:08/mi), at least based on my Dan Cardillo 5K. I'm not sure I'm trained for a 10K, given that I have a lot of 5-7 mile runs in from this summer and fall but very, very few over 7 miles. Indeed, I felt sore-ish during the last mile of an easy 8 mile run yesterday - my body is not even used to 8 miles! That and my ass injury is spreading.

McMillan also says that I should be doing my tempo (or subthreshold) runs at between 6:13 and 6:29. Last week I did 5 back cove miles at 6:19/mi and it felt pretty easy. Today I did 3 back cove miles at 6:12/mi and this was much harder. Back Cove is a surprisingly slow course (given its flatness); regardless, running 6:08 for 6.2 miles seems optimistic.

My strategy will be to take it out slow and see how I feel after 3 miles. If ok I'll ramp it up and reassess at 4. Ditto at 5. Unfortunately, 10K is the distance where sidestitches have hurt me. I can run through piriformis, plantar fascitis, osteitis pubis, morton's neuroma, and posterior tibialis tendonapthy with little pain, but a sidestitch stops me in my tracks. Like a knife in my side. And I've got the stitch in 2 of my 5 10Ks.

Given that my 10K PR is 39:03, I think I'm in good shape to beat that, unless I get the stitch. But I'll be disappointed if I don't break 38:45. I'll be happy breaking 38:30 and ecstatic breaking 38:15. I'll wait till next year to attempt sub 38 : )


  1. You will beat it if you say you will....I'm thinking you will be estatic.

  2. I have a method that can work to curtail a stitch during a plain ol' run, but have never found anything to helped in a race. It's why my Scuffle time was 4 minutes slower this year. I'm hoping you just don't have a big enough sampling to say you tend to get them in 10K's!