Friday, October 16, 2009

Blackstrap trail report

I've been avoiding Blackstrap hill this fall because 1) hard downhill running aggravates my butt and 2) Ian & Emma reported back from their Bitch to Bacon warmup that the trike trail was being logged. But I was in the mood to run with Rodney & Sasha so we ran the Blackstrap Heaven side of Hardy Rd. I was pleasantly surprised. The trail was widened, certainly, and there is some slash on the trail but overall it wasn't nearly as bad as, say, the Bitch to Bacon side of Hardy Rd. Indeed most of the trail was left untouched (the west side of the three little loops) and a (logging) road that I didn't follow may connect up with the east side trails, which would be a big box of positives! A little work clearing slash this weekend and these trails will once again be my goto dog runs until the snow flies.

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