Monday, October 19, 2009

Piscataqua River Trail

The Piscataqua River Trail from River Point Conservation Area to Community Park is now connected thanks to a hardy crew of volunteers who set a big aluminum bridge across the River on Saturday. There is still more work to do, but stage I of a major trail corridor is nearly completed.
I thought briefly about running the Physical Therapy 8K Sunday morning but I was too excited to run the new 7 mile loop from my house, on to the Presumpscot River trail starting at Blackstrap Rd. then to the River Point and Piscataqua River trail, then to Community Park, then 1.75 miles home along the roads. I finished the run with a good 1.25 mile at 10K pace.

After a quick shower and breakfast, I headed up to Brunswick to cheer Ian on in his last lap of the MTC 50K. Actually I didn't cheer much because I didn't want to pressure him to do the last lap - he wasn't looking to good and he's got a big race coming up in a couple of weeks. But he persevered and won the race! Erik and I got to hold the tape (toilet paper) for him to run through. Awesome run Ian.

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