Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Classic...part deux

Skiing has been rather schizophrenic the past week. Last Wednesday was stunningly gorgeous with fresh snow and bluebird skies. Then Thursday-Saturday were nicht so gut (except the BC skiing saturday morning). Well, Pineland is back to where it was last Wednesday. The sky was blue and cloudless, the temperature was fair, and Mt. Washington was brilliant. The classic tracks were a little soft, and a little windblown in the fields, but who's racing?

I classic skied all 21K of the woods trails. On the long runout after Gloucester Hill (Oak Hill), three Bates boys passed me and I hung with them for the rest of the Gloucester Hill loop (they were in slow technique mode). It was beautiful to watch them stride up the last hill on the Gloucester Hill loop, just before it rejoins the Oak Hill trail. They were in ABC super slo-mo and taking fairly long strides. And they set their wax pocket perfectly every time. Maybe one of them was Sylvan Ellefson, one of the top classic skiers in the NCAA. Regardless, I enjoyed the free lesson.

21.1K, 1:44:27 total time, 1 rasberry hammer gel compliments of the winter-tri.

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