Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Skiers, where would you rather be today, Maine or Vermont?


  1. I'm not an avid skier but I love snow .... for the worth of my two cents.....I think I am ready for spring....I want the warm sun beaming through the trees, birds singing and trails is time for the snow to go.

    Every season has it's place and purpose. The reason we love them so much is that in Maine, we are not allowed to get to much of a good thing. If we don't lose it before we are quite ready, than there is nothing to long for.....that is the glory of four seasons.

    It is all relative.

  2. Well said! But we've only had good snow since Jan 7 - that's less than 3 months! By comparison we had over 4 months of solid snow last year (Dec 3 - April 3). It's actually late Novemeber/December that I can do with out. Too much ice to run (comfortably), too little snow to ski.