Tuesday, April 17, 2012

active recovery

Started running this week because I was bored not running. Not so much bored with roller skiing.

M 3.5 miles @ 8:36/mi, Back Cove
T 5.7 miles @ 8:15/mi, Twin Brook
W 6 miles @ 9:02/mi, River Point
Th 5.8 miles @ 7:50/mi, Back Cove
F 7.8 miles @ 8:44/mi, Pineland + 48 minute roller-ski (two good climbs)
S rest
S 9.8 miles @ 10:03/mi, Hadlock

6:30 total training hours

Beginning of week I had mild (1-2/10) soreness at about 1/2 mile in but zero after that and zero between runs. End of the week I had zero soreness during runs but mild (1/10) between runs. The Twin Brook, River Point, Pineland, and Hadlock trails all contain short steep hills which didn't seem to particularly aggravate anything. The no-pole climb on roller skis at Pineland definitely aggravated the achilles (pain 2/10).

My training hours were light last week and normal this week but I was hoping to ramp it up this season and maintain 9-10 hours per week and see what that does for me (other than give me achilles injury).


  1. And so it begins. Looks like you're starting to lay down a good base. Oh, and for what it's worth, no Sea Dogs 5K for me because of Sugarloaf. I'll be there to cheer you on though.