Monday, June 13, 2011

road kill

Poor time-management skills on my part in combination with Cacky's birthday, my parents visit, and three functions related to Sam's HS graduation conspired to keep my away from the trails this week. The only upside is the Woodville/Field rd. loop is mostly dirt shoulder and cars are rare. Monday was a planned rest day. Wednesday was not. I almost missed thursday too but snuck out for a late night interval workout while running home from FHS awards night.
M rest
T PM1 - 4.7 easy@back cove; PM2 - 8.1 @ TMR TNR incl. 2.5 miles at tempo
W rest
T 7.6 interval (4 x 1200 @ 5K), woodville rd.
F 8 easy incl 8 strides, woodville, 
S AM 1.5 w/u + 5 mile race (30:11); PM 4.1 recovery, Brook rd.
S 11.1 easy, Woodville rd.

Distance: 50.2, including 3 workouts. Not a great week mileage-wise but given the 2 rest days and all the competing activities I'll take it.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean......about commitments and time management