Monday, June 20, 2011

Once a runner sequel

Short sequel to "once a runner":

Chapter 1. Too hot to run
Chapter 2. Too hot to run
Chapter 3. Too hot to run
Chapter 4. Too hot to run
Chapter 5. Running in Florida sux. I'm retirin' from milin'

Life has brought us to Florida this week and the family is staying at my parent's house in St. Augustine Beach. I ran 8 1/4 miles last night along A1A starting a little after 9PM and it was still 88-90F! But that was pure pleasure compared to my 5 mile beach run this morning at 8:30AM. It's just too hot to run on the beach and the sun is too strong.

Here are the numbers for last week
M rest day
T PM1: Back Cove easy (7:27/mi); PM2 TMR TNR easy + 2.5 at MP
W 9x300 @ 2-3K pace @ Back Cove, 7.1 total
T 8.5 easy on Piscataqua Trail (8:46/mi)
F 8 at Twin Brook incl. 3 at 1/2MP
S AM: 11.1 easy at Bradbury; PM: 4.8 east on Brook Rd (7:51/mi)
S PM: 8.3 easy (7:48/mi)

Total distance: 60.5 (that's good for me given 1 rest day and no run longer than 11)
Total time: 8:47


  1. Sounds gorgeous down there though! Strong numbers again last week man.

  2. Man, I know how hot it can be down there, I honestly don't know how anyone can train there. Strong numbers for sure. Looking forward to running with you soon, Jeff. Enjoy your family time and support of each other during this rough time. Thinking about you guys.