Friday, September 17, 2010

Still stacking...

One of my goals this summer has been to race through training - that is avoid tapering before and rest days after races. Maybe I'm tempting injury fate?

Sunday - 12 mile trail race @ Bradbury Bruiser
M - 4 miles, Dan Cardillo+ loop, very easy
T - 5.5 miles, TMR TNR @ TB, very easy
W - 4 X 2 mi at MP - 10s, Back Cove. 11 miles total. Felt good.
Th - 5 miles at Falmouth Community Park, very easy
F - 10 miles at MP + 1 mi wu + 1 mi cd. 6:47 min/mi, 148 HR. legs began to feel it by mile 8 but overall felt great. This HR was surprisingly low (maybe 84-86%Max), which is good!

Last long run (hey my long runs are only 16 miles) this Sunday! Then 85% volume next week and 50% race week. What is it Jamie says about barns?


  1. Burn the barn and all the hay that's in it?

  2. Well my left hammies and quads are a little tight tonight - I hope I didn't burn the barn!

  3. Yep, I'd say you got a lot of hay in there! Foam roll those hamstrings and quads... almost game time!

  4. Jamie says, "Hey, pretty lady, why don't you come visit the hay loft in my barn."

  5. And then he shows her how to burn it down?