Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chariots of Fire

I took a rest day on Thursday and watched Chariots of Fire (instead of, you know, actually running). I love this film and don't find it in the least bit slow or dull. Even the Vangelis score doesn't bother me. It helps that I generally like period pieces. The movie does a great job developing the two main characters (Eric Liddel, the original flying Scotsman, and Harold Abrahams). The two Cambridge masters are superb. And the movie just makes me want to run. Kind of ironic that I was watching it on a rest day then. The movie does have a few fictions in it. One interesting one is the character Lord Lindsey, the hurdler, who is modeled after Lord Burleigh (who ran hurdles for Britain in the '28 Olympics). Lord Burleigh is descended from the Lord Burleigh who advised QEI (watch the Kate Blanchet films).

Training pretty much a carbon copy of last week except that I did my long run on the road (and took a rest day)
M - Very easy 8.8 on Blackstrap Hill with James and Emma
T - Easy 9.2 (last two at MP) at TMR TNR @ TB
W - 3 X 1 + 1 X 3 at MP - 10s at Back Cove
Th - Chariots of Fire
F - 1 m wu + 9 mi @ MP on Rt. 88 with James
S - Very easy 9.7 at Bradbury (Bruiser minus O)
S - Very easy 18.2 on Falmouth/Cumberland Roads with James

Total - 65.9

That's 4 long weeks in a row so I will reduce volume about 20% this week and run the Bruiser.

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  1. Another solid week. You should begin the tapering soon, eh?