Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trail to Ale

Today was a perfectly stunning day to race. 36:57 10K PR. Greatly aided by 1) perfect racing weather, 2) net downhill, and 3) an uncertified course that was maybe a tad short : )?  It was also a cut-back week, so I was fresher than for the bruiser.

It was fun regrouping with Jeremy and Brett, at least for mile 1. Brett took off fast and quickly got a jump on Jeremy and me. About 3/4 mile in, a biggish group (maybe 10 runners, including Brett) with mixed abilities (from 35:30 to 37:30) was still together and I told Jeremy to not let that group get away. Jeremy quickly bridged the gap while I stayed in their wake. One gradual and one crazy downhill took us down to the Bayside trail and a 5:45 first mile. From there we ran to Tukey's bridge and did Back Cove clockwise. The big group slowly stretched out and I started to slowly reel in a few racers. Jeremy and Brett gained no extra space on me from mile 1 to maybe mile 4 or so. Somewhere between mile 4 or 5, Jeremy found another gear and started to stretch it out. I made essentially no progress on Brett until the climb to Tukey's bridge. From here I got within shooting distance. We turned onto the Eastern Prom Trail and I made a big push to catch and pass Brett at the top of the climb at the water treatment plant. We had about 1/2 mile left. Brett raced the Lobsterman Tri yesterday so I thought he was cooked. Actually, it was me who was cooked in pushing to catch Brett. I was in full gnu mode. Brett tucked in my wake for a few hundred meters than gunned it home with me hopelessly trying to keep up.

I won't take the PR too seriously since the course was not certified. But I'm happy with the result because I beat a few folks who torched me at B2B and that's what racing is really about. And even if the course was short, my watch-pace was 1s/mile faster than my PR pace from B2B in 2010.

A common site at road races the past 2 years - me 3-4s behind Brett


  1. love it when the wildebeest comes out! congrats!!

  2. Really great running with you Jeff and awesome job on the PR. You should just take it!