Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LL Bean 10K

LL Bean in 38:06 this morning in cool but very humid weather. Race analysis paralysis to follow.

  • The Good - won my AG
  • The Bad - as Ryan noted, my AG is certainly less competitive TO WIN then either M40-44 or M50-54
  • The Bad - My 5K conversion time was 8s slower than FD5K last month and my FD5K was 22s slower than my 2011 MD5K on the same course
  • The Good - I was 25s faster than last year's LL Bean 10K.
  • The Bad - I ran this race last year at the end of a 60 mile week. This year was a 50 mile week with a rest day 2 days before the race.  The weather this year was maybe slightly cooler and slightly less humid (last year's humidity was about 150%)
  • The Good - I have done zero running faster than 1/2MP since last October?November? other than FD5K and the 1st half of the Pineland 10K.

I'm happy with the result because 1) I'm focussing on the 25s faster than last year's race AND 2) the fact that I really haven't taken my workouts down to even 10K pace AND 3) I raced so poorly last summer/fall so I need to be happy about something 


  1. Not to mention coming off injuries. Overall that was a great race Jeff. Congratulations!

  2. I think you're correct to focus on the 25 seconds faster. That's most important. The rest is somewhat trivial and you will only rack your brain trying to connect the dots. Great race man, congrats on winning your age group!

  3. Replies
    1. Wicked swift is cool cause it can be used like this or for an incredibly stupid!

  4. 25 seconds faster is sweet. And I bet they give good prizes!

  5. ietquay on the oodgay rizespay (see won my AG link above)

  6. great job Jeff.....faster is definately better