Sunday, April 24, 2011

start of "Weekly Training" posts

I've decided to post my weekly training summary in compact format. Its largely for my use but will also be open for anyone else to check out. I enjoy the occasional scan of other runners weekly training summaries to see how they are training. And its a lot easier to get a quick review than going through daily reports. LRC has a nice marathon training thread that is full of these with discussion, which I've found useful.

M Boston Marathon - logged as long run, fast-easy pace  3:16:19  26.42 mi
T planned rest
W unplanned rest (it was cold and rainy and I was lazy)
T Back Cove easy 55:13 7.2 mi flat
F Jungle Run easy 1:18:38 8.6 mi hilly
S Pineland easy 1:22:12 9.4 mi mod hilly
S Back Cove/E Prom easy 54:09 7.2 mi few short, steep hills

Time 7:46:24
Distance 58.8 mi

My goal for Boston was to not let it interfere with my training and all data to date point to "Mission Accomplished". Legs were fresh for all four post-marathon runs. Today (post run) is the first day that they feel tired, but its been 7 months since I've run more than 50 miles in a week.

A little picture of the new trails at the east end, portland


  1. Looks great Jeff - looking forward to seeing how the pros do it :)

  2. Am I the only one that noticed the word "easy" in all seven days of Jeff's log except the rest days...........I guess they were not so easy......but the marathon was "fast-easy" then the was easy flat, easy hilly, easy moderate hilly and easy steep hilly.

    All I can say is I am in awe of "easy" Jeff, because as of my last post, I don't think I have used the word easy once.

  3. Hah! Lots of ez runs post marathon trying not to do anything too stupid.