Monday, April 18, 2011


Photo courtesy of Steve Wolfe

Notes: My goal going in was to run even 7:50s with an occasional faster mile just to add some fun.

Distance Cumlative Split
5k 0:22:56 0:22:56
10k 0:46:54 0:23:58
15k 1:10:28 0:23:34
20k 1:33:51 0:23:23
25k 1:57:07 0:23:16
30k 2:20:49 0:23:42
35k 2:44:01 0:23:12
40k 3:06:38 0:22:37
Half 1:38:48 1:38:48
Finish 3:16:16 1:37:28

5K - Everyone is flying by me as I'm trying to apply the brakes. I'm hitting 7:20s with the brakes to the floor.
10K - Everyone continues to pass me. Mile 5 was 7:52 but I averaged about 7:40 over this split. By the end of this split, I decide that 7:30s is a pretty easy pace.
15K - Still being passed by most everyone. Jamie caught me just shy of mile 8 and I ran about 1K with him at 7:08ish pace. He looked awesome and continued on while I returned to my 7:30s.
20K - I'm finally not being passed. The Wellesley rush pushed me to around 7:20 for 2 miles.
25K - meh. My feet are sorish but I'm not at all tired. A little bored.
30K - Newton hills - Now I'm passing lots of people. The hills give me some energy.
35K - With about 12K to go I entered the zone. 7:20s are feeling good and I'm passing even more people. The heartbreaks are everywhere. From Boston College in is an absolute rush - the crowd just slings you along.
40K - With 5K to go I thought I might put the hammer down and go for 3:15. Mile 23 was 6:59. Yeh, I don't need that. Slow back down to 7:20s. Still passing lots of people.

Felt very easy until my tempo mile at 23. Left foot had about five very short bouts of cramping over last 4 miles that I thought was going to end my race but these never fully blossomed. The first 15 minutes after the finish absolutely sucked. My legs were thrashed. I wanted one of those wheel chairs. Surprisingly my quads were not sore, in fact my quads were never really sore during or after. But my legs slowly recovered and then it was mostly my feet for about an hour. But these recovered too and I now feel pretty good. I'm pretty sure I'm retired from marathoning for a while.

It was great to see Jamie before and after and missed him at our celebratory pizza and brew at Picco with Cacky and Joe. Jamie had a great PR. Chuck and Katie both had awesome runs. And Joe's triumph was simply running after bad achilles tendonopathy only 3 weeks ago.

Morning Report update - absolutely no soreness. Not getting out of bed, not when pushing a finger into my muscles. This is stunning considering that I could barely walk for about 15-20 minutes post finish.


  1. I'll have what you're having.

  2. Tough course to break on isn't it? The best part is taking it easy and running through all the carnage through the hills of Newton and beyond.

    See you on the trails soon. Awesome job for low running.

  3. Good thing you had witnesses, cause the guy I saw walking at USM did not look like he'd run a 3:16 at Boston the day before! Amazing.

  4. You crushed it man. Super impressive, especially considering you were riding off the XC skiing, which obviously served you very well. It's now two days after and I'm still walking backwards down the stairs, so I'm quite jealous of your quick recovery!