Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Winter in Review

I've skied most every day this winter, at least up until two weeks ago. But the frequency is deceiving. 90% of that was coaching, which involves a lot of stopping and watching and talking and doing stuff like fixing broken bindings and pole straps. The chart above shows my weekly mileage last year and this year. Some notes:

mileage: 2008/9: 819; 2009/10: 399 (I'll probably add another 30 miles to that)
weeks above 50M 2008/9: 10; 2009/10: 3
days >20K: 2008/9: 25; 2009/10:6
days skied all Pineland 2008/9: 15; 2009/10:1

There are many other differences. Last year I alternated classic and skate daily. This year I classic skied in the Portland area 3 times. Last year I was on my race skate skis most of the winter. This year I've been on my rock skis nearly every day.

It's now marathon season. Last week was the Balsams 30K. This saturday is the Rangeley Loppet. I did the 50K last year (and had a great race) but this year I'm only doing the 25K and hoping I don't die! Next week is the Bretton Woods Marathon and then the next week is the Sugarloaf Marathon.

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  1. Nice job getting out there despite Old Man Winter treating us like scurvy dogs for most of the season. I'm jealous!