Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Tour de Falmouth - ski edition

On Sunday, three Falmouth Land Trust board members and one friend of the trust strapped on the bc skis for a tour of Falmouth. We started at the Lowell Preserve in Windham and finished Hannaford's on Grey Rd. Along the way, we crossed at least 10 conserved properties (Chase, Wilshore, BHP, Carr, Hadlock, Community Park, McGlaughlin, McCrann, Adam, River Point). This was mostly snowmo trail, all of which was in excellent shape for speed. Sunday mornings also seem to be a fine time to avoid snomobilers too as we only started to get traffic near the end.

Lowell Preserve had been lightly snowshoed, apparently the day before by a fellow FTACer. The orange trail on Wilshore (Blackstrap Community Forest) was virgin. What an amazingly beautiful trail along the River. McCrann had also been lightly snowshoed and the trail cut through their is a black diamond until a few more small trees are taken out.

We had to cross only four roads and we didn't have to walk along any, which is quite amazing given Falmouth's development in the last decade.

The only real obstacle was the dismantled snomo bridge across the Piscataqua. We are working to get that one back online.

Total Time: 4:15
Distance: 11.4 miles

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Unfortunately, a Noacian deluge hit all of Northern New England the day after and this is what the McCrann field looked like on Tuesday. This was 20 inches of powder when we skied through it two days before. The water is the flooded Piscataqua River.

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  1. I'm still bummed about Monday's rain, and am further bummed that there is no chance of snow on the horizon at the moment.