Friday, December 25, 2009

Running again?

Yesterday was 8 weeks since stopping running and I'm tired of being a couch potato and I'm not getting much skiing mileage in so I've decided to start running again. It's amazing how a 3.5 mile run around back cove can result in an achy body! Too. Damn. Old!

Today my son Will and nephew Ben and I did a burn-off-the-beef 5K. Not a race, just a 5K run at easy pace. It took some convincing to get the boys to go with me and nothing could get Tom off his butt. Why do people think a holiday should be a vacation from running? Holidays make the best running days!

Anyway, my plan is to sloooooooowly ramp up the mileage so that I'm in shape for Pineland this year, unlike last year. Then actually marathon train. Not sure I will actually run a fall marathon but I'm going to train as if I will. I'm going to avoid the fast interval stuff and stick to tempos, MP, and progression runs. I'll probably chicken out on the 'thon though. I'm not going to run one until I really feel ready.


  1. Hey Jeff! I'm glad you're among the running again. Yesterday was my first day back, too (5 miles of jog-a-minute-walk-a-minute). Like you, I am actually sore from it, too. Ha! Too damn old? Nahhhhhh. Keep up the sensible training. Hope you get some good snow soon, though-- -sb

  2. Good to hear from you Susannah. I thought you had quit running! Good to hear you're back. You live in far to nice a place not to run all over!

    Snow? We have been skiing on ice for 2 weeks. Better than running on ice I suppose. And we're headed to Bretton Woods for 3 days to get in some looooong training daze.

  3. Hurray! Glad you're back at it. But I know what you mean about short runs making you sore... amazing! Enjoy Bretton Woods!!

  4. Sounds like a great plan Jeff, though I doubt you will chicken out on the marathon.