Sunday, May 13, 2012

Way back

Just like my west trip in 1976 to the Wyoming and Colorado. After experimenting with what does and does not aggravate the achilles, I've narrowed it down to running fast and yard work (pushing a wheel barrow or lawnmower). While the little fast running I've done in the last couple of weeks has only minorly aggravated the achilles, I'm a little worried about any kind of systemic ramp up to real training so, being risk averse, I've decided to not run intervals, TNR sprints, strides, fartleks, and sadly, races. I backed out of MD5K. I am going to jog Pineland 25K. In mid-June I'll re-assess.

Time: 8:35
Distance: 57.7

M East Branch trail
T TMR TNR @ Twin Brook
W HR test on track
R Twin Brook
F Back Cove/East End Beach
S Pineland 
S Community Park/Hadlock loop

          M     T     W     R     F     S      S
Sched Min 45    90    60    90    45    120    90
Sched HR  L0-1  L3-4  TT    L1-2  L1    L3-4   L1
Time (H:M)0:55  0:47  1:04  1:32  1:01  1:51   1:24
AHR       131   132         136   134   144   125
HR %      74    75          77    76    82    71
Miles     5.6   5.5   7.9   10.5  7.2   13     8


  1. Smart plan on not racing today and approaching the 25K casually (discipline needed there). You'll be back for the Bradbury series, I'm sure. Hang in there.

  2. Community Park trails were more fun anyway...