Monday, December 6, 2010

Trail Monsters don't do this

Even though trail monsters don't stop when someone running in the group has to pull over and pee, you might be interested in my little experiment on the effects of stopping during your easy workout.


  1. I wasn't allowed to comment at the other blog so I'll put it here: I often used to stop at the top of a hill to look around and take a breather, but recently I've taken to recover from the extra exertion of a hill while continuing on. For fitness benefits it sounds like this is supported by the data from your experiment.

  2. I'll keep this in mind for when our XC season starts this summer. Good stuff, Jeff.

  3. Hi John - I think we took comments off because of some issues we've had when a blog is open to HS kids!

    Jamie - yeh, stops are probably not as long in running because you don't have to de-pole and de-glove to tie your shoe then re-glove and re-pole, but they are probably as frequent.