Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall (post-marathon) goals

1. win Wolfe's Neck 5K
2. win Pathfinder's 5K
3. sub37 at Great Osprey 10K
4. run in hell
1. row on erg
2. double pole on roller skis
3. look for snow


  1. I have a self-diagnosed stress fracture in either my 2nd or 3rd metatarsal. My legs felt good very quickly after the marathon and I did a xc 5K on a very roller-coaster course 6 days post marathon and an 8k road race 14 days after. I was having fun and looking forward to the other races listed above. The fastest I ran for 8 weeks prior to the marathon was MP minus 10s (6:32), and, frankly, I rarely did speedwork before that (I've never run on a track!) so my body is just not adapted to fast running. I was already contemplating skipping Stonecat because running another a slow marathon right now doesn't sound as fun as running fast xc races. I'm not going to even bother with going to a doctor - I won't get a diagnosis in time to race this weekend and probably next weekend either. And in 6 weeks I'm only going to be thinking about skiing anyway (I don't run over the winter).

  2. Steve - I should add that the crossed out goals aren't completed goals but goals that have been crossed off my list because I won't even attempt them!

  3. Sorry to hear it, Jeff. But keeping the glass full, if you're going to have an injury like this, now is the time. Maine Marathon is done, Boston Marathon is far away, and you'll be healed up in plenty of time for Nordic.

    Just don't get fat like I did.

  4. P.S. You're welcome to borrow my pneumatic boot.

  5. If you need crutches, I have a pair you can borrow from when I broke my foot.

    My method of recovery involved keeping off the foot until I could put pressure on it and then putting as much pressure as I could with each step without it being painful. Kept everything working during the healing process w/o slowing that process down at all.

    Foot's been good all year.

  6. Jamie and Blaine - Thanks for the offers! I thought about asking you for that boot Jamie even before you offered but I'm wearing my stiffest soled shoe and walking reasonably well - it really doesn't hurt but I don't want to stress it more than necessary

  7. Oh no! Bummer, Jeff. Rest up and snow will be here before we know it :-)