Sunday, April 25, 2010

moving forward

After last week's failed attempt to clear my posterior tibial tendonopathy, I decided to jump back on the horse and just go.

Monday - 6.1 mile fartlek on Blackstrap Hill.
Tuesday - 5.6 mile easy run at TMR TNR @ TB
Wednesday - 6.1 mile easy at Back Cove
Thursday - 6.2 mile tempo (3.5 mi @ 6:45 pace) at Back Cove.
Friday - off
Saturday - 5.3 mile run on Charles R. trail with son Sam
Sunday - 12.3 mile Blackstrap Hill loop.
Total 41.6 miles

I did have the HR monitor for some runs this week and my HR seems to be about where I was in July last year, which puts me 3 months ahead of schedule. Not sure I believe this. My fartlek felt good. My tempo run at Back cove seemed harder than it should have for that pace. My short run on the Charles River felt great. My 12 mile Blackstrap run this morning was mentally tough despite my running very slowly. I'm doing Mother's Day 5K to assess my 5K fitness. I don't think that will translate to Pineland 25K very well though.

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  1. Wow! Nice week, Jeff! I'll see you at the Mother's Day 5k, but I'm running it with my sister in her first 5k attempt so I'll probably be running it in the range of 28-30 minutes depending on her pace :-)